IGDA Vancouver October 8th Mixer 2013

Come join us for our next IGDA event! We will have a couple of short presentations, followed by a mixer and a few game demos.
Jason Bailey

Jason is the CEO and co-founder of East Side Games, a fiercely independent leader in the mobile and social games space. He is also a founder of Growlab, a pioneering Canadian technology start up accelerator. Follow him on twitter @YVRJason.

His latest project, LDRLY, just garnered him a spot on the GI30, the gaming industry list of the 30 people most likely to have a massive impact over the next 12 months.

David Cameron Sloan
David has been a Concept Artist in the industry for many years working in different studios such as EA Popcap, MageStick, Kaboom Social Games, Dark Realm Studios and Koolhuse Games. He attended school at CDIS (now A.I.) and later went on to further his education in art at FZD School of Design . David currently works at Smoking Gun Interactive


David will be doing a concept demo.


Also during the event we will have two developers showcasing their games.

Gabriel Koenig

“Soul Power explores ideas surrounding life and death; time and timelessness. The choices we make in life and their irreversible nature seem to stand in stark contrast to the infinite void that is death. In Soul Power I wanted to create a space where I could attempt to discuss the trials of life from a viewpoint on ‘the other side’.

But Soul Power is also a game. You’re a ghost, recently arrived in the afterlife. Talk to other ghosts and you’ll learn that you’re not the only one who feels a little lost. Help other ghosts discover their forgotten past and slowly you’ll start to reveal your own.

Frantic at times while demanding.

Skill and finesse, Soul Power offers some taxing challenges amongst all the ‘Soul-Searching’.

Soul Power is currently in the late stages of production and nearing completion. Developing the game entirely by myself has left me relatively blind to how it actually plays. While I’m definitely not trying to target the average casual gamer, I need to know if the first 5, 10, 15 minutes are straight forward and engaging. And if not, what exactly can I do to massage the gameplay to that polished state?”

More info about Gabriel games http://www.ghosttimegames.com


Barry Collins


Redux is a First Person Shooter being developed by Barry Michael Collins using Unity3d.

20 years in the future, one man with his long time canine companion named Bounder has spent most of his life waiting for the right time, waiting for the Eldrich gods which now occupy earth to hibernate, giving him an opportunity to remove them and their influence from what remains of his home.



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